Authentic Tipi Accommodations

Authentic Tipi #1

Warrior Spirit – For the Brave

Warrior Spirit~ For the Brave
The warrior is a person who shows great vigor, courage, determination, inner strength and heroism when confronted with challenges and obstacles.
The warrior takes care of their community, protects their elders and the defenseless.
They are a brave fighter, and a force to be reckoned with.
Similar in size to our Bison tipi, the warrior is the perfect option for families or a group of friends wanting an upscale yet authentic experience.

Authentic Tipi #2

Bison Spirit – For those that Roam

The Bison Spirit Tipi – For those that Roam.

Bison is the ruler of the plains, symbolizing abundance freedom and strength. Commanding respect by it’s mere presence, the bison is a force to be honored.

The bison spirit animal is a wise teacher of living in balance with the Great Mother.

As the bison moves across the land it is grounded to the rhythms of the ancient mysteries and cycles of life. The symbolic power of the bison is to align with the spirit of inner strength, for there is a place within us all that provides the power to endure and overcome far more than we realize.

As the bison roams, it leads us on a journey of discovery, strength and endurance.

Bison gives us the power to move forward, adapting to the changes that come our way, because the bison has experienced great change and reminds us that change is constant.

Feel the energy of the Bison when you stay in our 26 foot authentic tipi.

This hand painted and handcrafted masterpiece boasts bison pictographs roaming on its canvas and as you step past its door shield that holds the energy of the medicine wheel, you’ll find stunning decor and luxurious beds.

Sleep the night away in the fresh air under beautiful, yet equally cozy blankets, pull your chair close to the stone propane firepit and give yourself the time to soak in the beauty and ancient energy of this tipi.

Authentic Tipi #3

War Horse Spirit – For Connection

Take in the Sacred Symbols of the long ago warhorse, that represent the connection to nature, oneself and the Universe.
For Indigenous people, painting a warhorse was a sacred act that held power not only in the paints made from Nature but the painted symbols, too.
In Native American cultures, horses meant power, wealth and survival.
To paint a horse for battle, self expression or for a bison hunt was a sacred act, believed to enhance power for both horse and rider—spiritually and physically.
The most common link between any tribe was the belief of kinship with nature, the earth and all its animals, and the conviction that nature imparted a vital power in the paints themselves and the symbols too, brought power to horse and rider.

Experience a stay in this 24 foot tipi with handpainted warhorse images running wild on its canvas. This tipi has a stunning queen size and bed ideal for a more romantic stay.

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